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At Neptune, we’re obsessed with kratom. Bringing high-quality products and compassionate customer service to the market is a result of our obsession. We source only the highest quality, small batch, lab-tested kratom. It is our opinion that kratom and all other plant medicines are sacred and should be treated as such. Our mission is to not only bring premium quality kratom to the market but to also improve the experience. This is exemplified in our infused blends. Each unique infusion was created to maximize its utility in improving our mental and physical health. 

It is our belief that many plants and mushrooms have healing potential. Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom) is already a powerful tool for our mental and physical health. Combining it with various adaptogens is like icing on the cake! This is a perfect analogy because it also makes our blends taste far better than plain kratom!

The marriage of kratom and mushrooms arose from our passion for both. As long-time Myco-nerds, my wife and I regularly supplement our diet with various species of mushrooms and have spent countless hours foraging and cultivating these curious little lifeforms. Kratom was also a regular staple in our household. I found kratom years ago in my search for an herbal treatment for acute migraines. While we certainly don’t make any claims about the efficacy of kratom as a treatment for migraines, let’s just say I was excited!  I was amazed at what we had found and knew instantly that this was something we had to help spread.

Everyone I introduced to kratom had the same comment; “It’s amazing once you get past the taste!” The flavor was an obvious concern. If we were to help as many people as possible, we had to fix the flavor. Over the next few years, we began to experiment with different combinations of infusions. Focused on two main things; using adaptogenic ingredients to complement the effects of kratom and making it taste better. With countless hours of research and a little trial and error our infused blends were born. They are the perfect combination of complementary ingredients that happen to significantly improve kratom’s flavor. Our infused blends quickly became our favorites. 

We love people and take pride in every single interaction with our customers. We’re active on Reddit and Discord and regularly answer questions and we love engaging with the kratom community. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.