Milky Way Mint Chocolate (Gold Blend)


Red and white vein kratom powder (mitragyna speciosa) with Peppermint, cacao, cordyceps, lion’s mane, cinnamon, turmeric, and nutmeg.

Peppermint extract and cacao combine forces to create a pleasant, refreshing taste. Menthol, the compound responsible for peppermint’s easily recognizable aromatic flavor has been shown in several studies to supply an array of mental and physical benefits. The adaptogenic duo of lion’s mane and cordyceps boost physical performance and improve cognitive function.

This Gold blend tends to be a slow, relaxing mix. It’s the perfect base for the mint chocolate infusion.

Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) 800mg/g, Lions Mane extract 16mg/g, Cordyceps extract 16mg/g, Cacao 40mg/g, Cinnamon 16mg/g, Nutmeg 16mg/g, Peppermint extract 80mg/g, Turmeric 16mg/g

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Christopher Rascoe

Milky Way Mint Chocolate (Gold Blend)

Beyond 5 stars!

I give Milky Way Mint Chocolate a 10 out of 10! Not only is the taste the best, the quality is amazing. From the sleek packaging to the beneficial elements, Neptune Kratom is simply the best. I have severe back and neck pain and it’s almost impossible to get enough pain meds worth the price of the doctor visit. I wouldn’t be able to function without the help of Neptune Kratom. This combination in Milky Way Mint Chocolate of Kratom, mushrooms…… really is perfect for me. I highly recommend Neptune Kratom! Don’t bother with other brands…. I’ve done it….and it was a huge waste of money for a horrible tasting cheap product. Give your body the best!

Tom Rowell
Milky Way Mint

I've really been impressed with this milkyway mint green bali. The mint and cocoa help with the normal bitter taste of the kratom and it has been good for relaxing in the afternoons. Not too overly energetic and it seems to help ease my pain and help me relax. Its worth trying for sure.