Moonwalk Mood Boost (Green Vein)


Green vein kratom powder (mitragyna speciosa) with cordyceps, lions mane, ginkgo biloba, turmeric, cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Drowsiness and anxiety don’t stand a chance against Moonwalk Mood Boost! Green vein kratom is one of the most popular energy boosting kratom strains. Lions Mane and Cordyceps help increase physical performance and cognitive function while Ginkgo Biloba helps increase blood flow to the brain. Turmeric, cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg taste great and have also demonstrated health benefits as well.

Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) 781mg/g, Cordyceps extract 40mg/g, Lion’s Mane extract 16mg/g, Cacao 80mg/g, Cinnamon 40mg/g, Ginkgo Biloba 16mg/g, Nutmeg 16mg/g, Turmeric 16mg/g

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Customer Reviews

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Jean Troutt
Love it

I actually really like the flavor...

Amazing product!!

This company is so thorough and offer so much education and insight. I battle with sleeping and anxiety as well as chronic pain, and it helps so much to reduce those symptoms! Cannot recommend enough.

J. W.
Great product, great price!

Great product, and the best price available! I couldn’t be happier with Neptune Kratom and their service!

Best Kratom I've tried as a long time Kratom user!

This review is long overdue! I have been using kratom for chronic pain and anxiety for a few years now, and am so grateful to have found Neptune Kratom. I've been through a dozen vendors by now, but this kratom is superior by FAR. They even add freebies to my order for being a repeat customer, and have added samples to them as well! :')
Now onto this specific strain, it's one of my favorites to get me up and start my work day. It's not only great alone, but have found it to mix well with other strains as well. One of my favorite green strains that Neptune has beside their Moonwalk Moodboost Green Malay. THANK YOU NEPTUNE KRATOM!!! ❤️

Tom Rowell
Better than expected

To be honest this has been my favorite kratom purchase so far. I've actually been mixing it with a little milk and sugar in the mornings and with the cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in the blend it actually comes out tasting pretty good to me. It really has been a mood booster for me and a great way to get my day started. I'm for sure gonna buy more of this one on my next order.