Moonwalk Mood Boost (white vein)


White vein kratom powder (mitragyna speciosa) with cordyceps, lions mane, ginkgo biloba, turmeric, cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Drowsiness and anxiety don’t stand a chance against Moonwalk Mood Boost! White vein tends to occasion euphoric, positive energy. Lions Mane and Cordyceps help increase physical performance and cognitive function while Ginkgo Biloba helps increase blood flow to the brain. Turmeric, cacao, cinnamon and nutmeg taste great and have also demonstrated health benefits as well.

Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) 781mg/g, Cordyceps extract 40mg/g, Lion’s Mane extract 16mg/g, Cacao 80mg/g, Cinnamon 40mg/g, Ginkgo Biloba 16mg/g, Nutmeg 16mg/g, Turmeric 16mg/g

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Krists Belnap

Moonwalk Mood Boost (white vein)

Pleasantly Surprised!

I tried Moonwalk WHITE VEIN! Neptune always does a good job of educating the difference between white vein vs. green vein vs. red vein, but this was my first time trying anything other than green vein and i am completely surprised and elated. The biggest differences I feel personally between the green and white is energy level and mood. Its helped me so much to have the energy and desire to attack daily tasks without the gnarly come downs of artificial stimulants (ie:coffee, energy drinks etc) and even with the energy levels, it doesn’t make it harder to go to sleep.
My ONE desire would just have it be a bit better tasting, which I’m fairly sure it isn’t even possible, but Kratom in general for me tends to be a chore to intake

My experience with Neptune has been very responsive and professional. My order was delayed a bit at one point due to mail carrier, and to rectify the situation they brought me my next product personally and a discount code.
If anyone is battling fatigue and pain and inflammation and mood disorders, give this product a try. It has changed a lot of my life in positive ways.

Richard H.
Mainstay Medication for 9-5 Job

Keeps me going-get things accomplished.
Taste is palatable

Awesome strain.

I have been enjoying kratom for about 7 years now. This blend/infusion is the first one I can actually get an effect from. Great mood lift. Out of probably more than 30 vendors and 300 different strains I've tried, this is my number one choice for energy, mood lift, depression. ❤️❤️👍👍

Afternoon boost

This was the perfect afternoon boost to get me through the rest of the day. The afternoon slump was no match for this mood boosting kratom. The smell reminds me of fall thanks to the cinnamon and it’s easily one of my favorite blends now and will remain in my rotation.